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michael_j_doyle [userpic]

There is no John Galt...

July 25th, 2011 (10:54 pm)
current mood: Grim

...There are only people who are tired enough to quit.

This rings a bell with me. My grandfather was a carpenter and mason, which my uncle parlayed into a construction contracting business that is now in tough times. My father-in-law had intended to retire from his anesthesiology practice years ago, but has to shore up his greenhouse and farm. My brother is working sixty to seventy hours a week to keep his auto custom shop afloat. My father runs estate auctions and sells real estate for a large company; he was compelled to liquidate the real estate brokerage he had opened thirty years ago. My stepfather had a similar experience in logistics, working as an operations manager for a large trucking company after discovering that he could make just enough money running his own firm to go broke on.

Perhaps the family history of entrepeneurship has something to do with my remembering just who signs the Civil Service employees' pay checks, underwrites the welfare recipients' dole, makes the  labor payrolls, and funds everything else, public and private, that we enjoy in this so-called modern age. Nobody else around me seems to know it, though, and they seem to be trying to destroy the ones making everything else possible.

Welcome aboard the SS United States of America Titanic - steaming full speed ahead towards that big white thing just off the starboard bow, as the band plays on...